Coming soon – Fall 2024

Beginning Fall 2024 Service Business Resources will be launching an “Online Academy” that will offer three-week and six-week asynchronous training for the areas of Service Sales Training, Marketing & Sales Management Training, Sales Leadership & Management Training and Strategic Business Planning for service businesses in a “B2B” setting or commercial service contracting businesses. The training modules and interactive online training will also be supplemented by regional training classes that incorporate more discussions, exercises and intense role-play situations.

Why Service Business Resources Training Classes?

With over twenty years of curriculum development and over 1,000 days of actual classroom or seminar instruction, Service Business Resources provides business information, various resources and dozens of support documents for each training class. The classes have been introduced primarily to the trades such as MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) contractors through various trade publications and trade associations in the USA and Canada. When a trades contractor or B2B service business wants to Grow, become more Profitable, improve Organizational Structure or implement Operational Excellence, Service Business Resources offers Online Education & Training, Regional Training Classes, Download Resources and Onsite Consultation.

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Our Training & Education Journey

Training & Education Classes Descriptions

Commercial Service Sales Training “The Great Eight” Steps in the Sales Process

The 3-Day Regional Training Class and soon to be released six-week Online Academy Training Class provides salespeople and sales managers with a Proven 8 Step Sales Process complete with the steps or stages of the Psychological Process, Language, Positioning, Negotiating Skills and the Confirmation and Closing of complex technical sales focused on MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) Trades and similar B2B service businesses. The class includes discussions, intense role play situations, exercises, financial justification tools and dozens of support documents. Register Here.

Marketing & Sales Management Training

This 2-Day Regional Training Class and soon to be released three-week Online Academy Training Class provides managers, leaders and owners of service businesses with the Process, Psychology, Proven Marketing Approaches and Meeting Facilitation to Lead and Manage high-performing, successful sales teams. The skills and resources, as well as, dozens of support documents and software recommendations are designed with the curriculum to help focus on Training, Coaching, Mentoring & Managing great sales teams. You will also learn about recruiting, interviewing and hiring the right sales people for the specific service business that you manage or own. Register Here.

Business Leadership & Management Training

The 2-Day Regional Training Class and soon to be scheduled three-week Online Academy Training Class is designed to provide Leadership and Management Training specifically to lead and manage for Operational Excellence. The training includes recommendations for the Organizational Structure and Operational Model to ensure a positive customer experience along with developing strong operational teams that encourages employee satisfaction and performance, as well as, growth. The skills and resources include Team Building, Conflict Resolution and an introduction to the popular Strategic Business Planning class. We include training and education with support documents to help coach, mentor, manage and lead great teams! More information.

Strategic Business Planning – CSE (Customer Service Excellence module included)

The 2-Day Strategic Business Planning Training Class includes a pre-class workbook that provides a business assessment to understand the current situation and specific needs, as well as, goals of the business. The business planning moves through Key Issues, Key Action Items Prioritization and Action Items with a methodology for tracking progress and making necessary adjustments to ensure success. The class includes many strategic business planning tools, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint and education for future planning and execution meetings. The training also includes the Customer Service Excellence module of training to accompany internal planning to be integrated with customer service planning. More Information.

The most comprehensive Sales, Management & Leadership training available to mechanical, electrical and plumbing service contractors today.

Service Business Resource Goals

We INSPIRE service businesses to embrace marketing & sales for growth.
We INTRODUCE authoritative processes for operational excellence and profitability.
We TRANSFORM entrepreneurs into thriving businesses that serve their world.
We help CREATE new business models to encourage long-term customer loyalty.